We're building a lifestyle brand for people who love Israel, Hebrew and the Hebrew Scriptures! 

We have begun to design and collect products that allow you to express your connection to Israel. We've started with iPhone covers, art and similar products and we will soon be adding other products like natural healthcare products and cosmetics from Israel. 

About our name

EEVREET means 'Hebrew' in Hebrew. Kinda like how 'Español' means 'Spanish' in Spanish.

Who are we

Hi! We're Miiko and Aaron Shaffier. We're the owners of EEVREET. We live in Be'er Sheva Israel with our 9 children.

Miiko is a pilates instructor and a teacher of Hebrew reading. She's created a unique system that teaches people to read Hebrew fast using fun memory tricks. She's taught he system to thousands online and via her book

Aaron is a Tour Guide who does tours of Israel based on the Bible and Jewish history. He is also a Torah scribe who has written 13 Torah Scrolls by hand. 

We are both very active in connecting people to Israel via social media. Our friends and followers are always looking for things that will make them feel more connected to Israel. This is why we created EEVREET.